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About Us - Farmvibes

About Us

We are trying to solve a twin problem being faced by Indian economy – a problem of food security and securing livelihood of farmers.
At Farmvibes, we come to work every day as we are passionate about technology and its implementation for communities at bottom of the pyramid.
Our mission is double farmers’ incomes by next 5 years.

We believe that our farmers are unable to earn more as we are growing almost one-third of other countries from the same piece of land, and that is for the most grown crops in India.

We are trying to solve a unique problem with unique approach. We don’t believe in sitting in our offices and solving ground problem. Our approach to enter this unorganized sector is to work with farmers and provide the best of implementable technologies to them.

We provide the best online platform for buyers and suppliers who aspire to deal with the question of how to sell organic vegetables online. If you wish to buy vegetables in bulk online, you will find no other space better than Farmvibes. Farmers and vendors can find export-quality wholesale vegetables and fruits online with us.

We are experts at bulk onions for sale. We have hectares of well-maintained farmlands that cultivate premium and export-quality 45mm red onion. Those who wish to sell and buy export-quality 45mm red onion can contact us. We deal with all kinds of fruit and vegetable bulk orders. It includes the selling and buying of export-quality semi-husked coconuts. Vendors who buy export-quality G4 chili at wholesale rates online find the best rates with us all time.

Our services to farmers never end with a mere bulk coconut for sale or a banner to buy wholesale coconuts online. We happily extend the reach of our platform to buy commercial farmland for sale. Farmers can list, sell or buy farmland online by following simple steps on our platform. We support farmers and suppliers by seamlessly connecting them with the best and most genuine bulk vegetable and fruit supplier options.

Our customers enjoy superior services like 48 hours refund policy, 2-day delivery anywhere in India, a free listing for farmers & vegetable vendors, 24*7 customer support, and a wholesale volume of vegetable supply up to 100 TON. We keep our connection alive with 1000-plus verified farmers all over India. That helps us in supplying wholesale vegetables and fruits throughout the year constantly. As a premium platform to buy vegetables in bulk online in India, Farmvibes targets the largely unorganized farming sector in India by offering farmers and wholesale vegetable dealers up-to-date business solutions.                

Farmvibes for Buyers

– Convenience of connecting with sellers anytime, anywhere
– Wider marketplace with a range of products and suppliers
– Payment Protection Program

Farmvibes for Suppliers

– Enhanced business visibility
– Increased credibility for your brand
– Lead Management System
– Instant payment gateway, Pay with Farmvibes

Farmvibes has 170 employees located across 28 offices in the country.

*All given figures are as on March 31, 2022

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